Mon, 07 May 2012 02:15:56 GMT | By Verity Burns, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Samsung Galaxy S3 preview - hands on

Samsung Galaxy S3 - S Voice

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The S3 has S Voice, a Siri-esque phone companion that recognises and understands your voice. You kick this into action with a phrase of your choice - the default is 'hi Galaxy' - without the need to hold down any buttons. Once activated, you can ask questions and tasks of the phone, such as what the weather is like or to go to the camera. In practice, at least. We were in a very noisy room, so we wouldn't want to judge S Voice on this meeting alone, but we certainly had some issues with getting it to do what we wanted at times. When asking to take a picture, it once thought we'd said 'pizza' and another time, 'constipation' before getting it right. Interesting...

May 25, 2012 10:41AM
its' just another smartphone with all the great features except its' been upgraded and redesigned to look more slick.. its' like Toyota cars for e.g. vios been upgraded and redesigned so many times using the same chassis and added new gadgets to it. however, it does look delicious but i wud be satisfied using a tab or an ipad.. i like bigger screens, u can serve better, watch videos without straining the eyes, u can have better webcam sessions, make video calls, take pictures & videos, play awesome games, bigger gps screen, sync with smart tv and etc..

nowadays, i'll use my smartphone to answer calls, play some games and face scrub..
May 10, 2012 11:29AM

Physical buttons wear out? Iphone 4, i see.... My Galaxy S's physical buttons are still working fine with nearly 2 years of usage.


IMO the physical home button at the middle perfectly separates both the touch sensitive buttons at the sides, which makes it much easier to identify which particular button you're going to use. All touch sensitive buttons like the HTC are a little bit hard to estimate and most of the times you have to try few times before getting it right.


Btw, I'm definitely getting one of these...

May 11, 2012 4:43PM
It definitely looks good, although I'm a bit put off by the available colours. I hope there'll be a stainless-steel or white version soon. By the way, anyone who doesn't believe in physical buttons on smartphones should be beaten senseless.
May 7, 2012 5:26PM

Totally disagree with the above comment


" We have to say, we're glad Samsung did this - making everything touch sensitive would've seemed a little unnecessary. It doesn't interrupt the design at all, and feels good under the thumb."


Physical buttons are a pain when they start wearing out. My iPhone 4 is one good example. All buttons should be touch sensitive on the screen. Physical buttons are soooo yesterday ! Much prefer HTC One X's touch sensitive buttons. Full stop.

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