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The wonders of the sky, as seen by NASA

Speed demon in the sky

Speed demon in the sky (© NASA/JPL - Caltech photo)
  • Blowin' space dust (© NASA/JPL - Caltech/UCLA photo)
  • Stop looking at me, Swan! (© NASA/JPL - Caltech/UCLA photo)
  • Van Gogh of the infrared sky (© NASA/JPL - Caltech/UCLA photo)
  • Orion's big head (© NASA/JPL - Caltech/UCLA photo)
  • Rho Ophiuchi's beauty (© NASA/JPL - Caltech/UCLA photo)
  • A celestial shamrock (© NASA/JPL - Caltech/UCLA photo)
  • Speed demon in the sky (© NASA/JPL - Caltech photo)
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This exposed image shows the path of the star Alpha Camelopardalis speeding through the sky. The big red arc is a bow shock, which NASA notes is similar to the wake in front of the bow of a ship in water.

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