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Feel the force, with Kinect Star Wars

Kinect with the Force

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Star Wars fans, it's time to get your game on. The Xbox team in Microsoft Singapore has recently launched its brand new "Kinect Star Wars" game(S$59.90) along with the exclusive Xbox 360 Limited Edition "Kinect Star Wars" console bundle(S$649.00). Both products are now available for retail pre-orders at participating retailers.

Xinmsn attended the Xbox "Kinect with the force" launch event to check out the new products and to give a shot at the new Kinect games. The 'force' was truly felt at the event, from the friendly Droids and Princess Leia mascots to the iconic Star Wars theme background them song and lightsaber wielding sound effects. The "Kinect Star Wars" game was the main star of the event. And for good reason too. "Kinect Star Wars" features five different modes that fully immerses the gamer into the alternate Star Wars Universe, with full-body control of your avatar in the game.

The five modes that are featured in the game are - Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, Duels of Fate, Podracing mode, Rancor Rampage mode and Galactic Dance Off mode, providing an impressive array of various gameplay to pick from, in one single game.

The most displayed game mode at the event was Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising. Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising is an action filled game that allows you, an appointed Jedi, to defend the Republic in popular scenes from the Star Wars film. The immersive game engages the player in fierce space battles staged throughout the galaxy. The action packed gameplay involves slashing enemies with your lightsaber, using the Force to deflect incoming attacks, kicking droids out of the way and jumping swiftly out of harm's way. This is one game that will leave you (quite literally) breathless.

Another game that caught our eye is the Galactic Dance Off. Galactic Dance Off mode is very much a Dance Central lookalike, but with a very entertaining Star Wars twist. Players can pick their favorite Star Wars characters to boogie-woogie for the slug Lord, Jabba the Hutt, in his criminal empire. This dance mode is likely to get the whole family off the couch and grooving to popular songs that have been remixed the Star Wars way.

Those who pre-order the "Kinect Star Wars" games and Xbox Limited Edition "Kinect Star Wars" console bundles will able to collect them on 3rd April 2012 at Plaza Singapura main atrium.

Click through to check out our photo gallery of the "Kinect Star Wars" game, Limited Edition console as well as other latest Xbox product and game launches.


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