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'Breaking up in IKEA' comedy video goes viral

A comedy video detailing the stresses of going furniture shopping with your other half and the need for a specialized "break up room" at retail giant IKEA has gone viral on the web.

'Breaking up in IKEA' comedy video goes viral

'Breaking up in IKEA' comedy video goes viral

The video, which currently has over 128,000 views, spoofs furniture giant IKEA and the stress it can place on couples. The video spoofs IKEA, claiming “it is the number one place where couples realize they can’t stand each other,” and suggests that couples can now “end it with their significant other without interrupting your shopping experience” thanks to the newly introduced IKEA break-up room.

The video was originally uploaded by JestComedy on January 6, when it lingered and gained a few thousand views, then on April 22/23 it was posted on popular humor sites Laughingsquid, Twentytwowords, and Tastefullyoffensive, causing viewing counts to jump and the video to become a viral sensation.

The video titled "Breaking up in IKEA" can be watched in full at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uok_2vccV4


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