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Dumped by girlfriend, buy Halo suit

A guy who got dumped by his girlfriend sold off her engagement ring to buy a Halo suit. Very nice!

Jilted boyfriend sells engagement ring to buy Halo suit (© Photo: Eric Smith via Flickr)

We've all been through this: you get dumped by your girlfriend, and then you spiral into depression and develop an unhealthy obsession for 'Desperate Housewives'. But for one Eric Smith, he took his heartbreak to a whole new level.

It all started when the 29-year-old decided to go down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend of three years. Unlike most guys, he went all out to have a special ring designed just for her: a canary yellow diamond atop a white gold band. That was, in fact, the girlfriend's ideal wedding ring.

So when it was time to propose, the girlfriend dropped a bombshell: she is leaving him for another guy. When she broke the news to him, he actually had the US$2,000 custom ring in his back pocket. Devastated for months, Smith decided that it was time to move on, so he sold the ring on eBay, contacted an artist and custom-made himself a full-blown Master Chief suit!

The armour, which weighs more than 20kg, is made out of fibreglass and steel, and it requires two people to help him suit up. But that's not the hardest part: the helmet itself, with its glimmering golden visor and bright LED lights, was imported from the Philippines and delivery of the other parts of the suit became a tedious job.

But after wearing the suit for the first time to a convention back in April and to much fanfare, Smith felt that it was time for him to move on. He loves his suit, and the most important thing is; the ladies seem to love it too!

Smith posted on his blog: "There have since been other girls. Chicks dig armour".

And he and his Master Chief suit lived happily ever after.

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